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Munjani Jewels providing rare & beautiful items sourced both locally & globally.

Our Story

Where Imagination Meets Artistry: Crafting Timeless Elegance and Precious Memories, One Exquisite Piece at a Time.

Welcome to Munjani Jewels


We provide custom made fine jewelry, engagement rings, Moissanite rings, diamond rings and other gemstone jewelry pieces.

All items are created from high-quality materials at a reasonable price.

We specialize in custom designs and can source moissanite diamonds, simulated diamonds and created to add sparkle to your everyday moments and special occasions.


Moissanite Diamond, Simulated Diamond, Gems Stones, Ruby, Pearl, and all types of cuts and shapes diamonds we will give you in Ring with reality what is your love or what you can imagine?


We provide all Metal(10K, 14K, 18K) yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, 925 sterling silver. Whichever you like, you will get it.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to express their unique stories through meticulously crafted, custom jewelry that blends artistry, accessibility, and sustainability.

Our Vision

Becoming the leading destination for personalized, high-quality jewelry that encapsulates life's most precious moments while advancing ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Responsible and Sustainable Development

Happy Customer

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable development means ensuring every customer's satisfaction through ethically crafted, high-quality jewelry.

Free Shipping

In our journey toward responsible and sustainable development, we proudly offer free shipping, reducing our environmental footprint while delivering happiness to your doorstep.

Made With Love

Each piece we create is a labor of love, reflecting our dedication to responsible and sustainable practices, ensuring that every jewelry item is not just beautiful but also ethically made with care and compassion.

Customer Reviews

Munjani Jewels is a gem of a find
Munjani Jewels is a gem of a find! His collection of jewelry is unparalleled in quality. What truly sets Munjani Jewels apart is their outstanding customer service. Munjani Jewels is always there to answer any questions, responds promptly, and goes above and beyond to be helpful. From browsing to purchase, the experience was seamless and enjoyable. If you're looking for stunning jewelry and an stress-free shopping experience, look no further!
- Fatima Lutfi

The Leader Board Of Our Company

Romit Munjani


Vidhi Tejani

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